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PSPS Public Safety Power Shutoff support from FREED


Hello to The Caregiver Advantage Graduates,
With the rise in COVID cases in Nevada County, our OSEC office is again closed to the public. The telephone IS being checked daily if you have concerns or questions.   
We want you to know that we care about how you are doing and feeling during our continuing challenges.  We recommend that you check-in with each other via text, phone call, email, or Facebook if you are on it. These can serve as small, but consistent ways of reminding each other that we are connected, loved, and valued.   If you had one wish, what would it be-let us know, please.

Despite Coronavirus fatigue, I’m making a plan now.

June 16, 2020 – Alarming Surge in COVID-19 Cases in Nevada County Implores Community to Step Up Efforts

In the past few days Nevada County has seen a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases, both in Western and Eastern areas.  Some of these cases were preventable.

The County has asked that CNL reach out to each of you and urge you to share this information widely with your own networks of community members.  Here are a few details of what they know now about this spike in cases:

  • New cases mostly related to social gatherings and not maintaining social distance.
  • Lack of understanding that opening up our businesses does NOT mean we are back to normal.  Families thought it was safe to have social gatherings.
  • Mitigation practices are still imperative to stop the spread:  Physical distancing, washing hands, not touching face (and now with State Mandate) wearing masks.
  • Some of these people showed up to work and gatherings while mildly symptomatic and exposed others.
  • One COVID positive person works with seniors.  The consequences of this could be dire.
  • At least 2 positive cases are children.

We’re at a crossroads in our community and it’s time for everyone to step into a leadership role and advocate for safe social distancing. Not following these guidelines puts our loved ones at risk and impacts business, jobs, and our ability to continue to reopen.
We are all tired of this but now is the time to double down on safe practices as more sectors re-open. 

The best way to move forward is to not move backwards.

Drive-thru COVID-19 viral testing is available at the Grass Valley Veterans Memorial Building. Increased testing also keeps us safe and allows for a better understanding of COVID-19 in our community.  Even without symptoms, testing of all individuals can help identify those who are asymptomatic.

Symptomatic or asymptomatic can be tested. People who get tested at sites will not be chared for the test: for those with insurance, your insurance will be billed, and for those without insurance, the State will pay for your test.

Please consider getting tested to help keep Nevada County safe and on the raod to reopening.
Register at

We are so luck to live in a community that cares deeply about its citizens, please do everything you can to stop this surge in its tracks!

May 2020 Update – Click link to read:

Hello Community Partners,

I want to share with you a few programs that can support older adults and people with disabilities during the COVID-19 stay at home orders.

Governor Gavin Newsom has announced the launch of a major statewide initiative to help seniors stay connected while they stay home during the COVID-19 outbreak. The effort to focus on all older seniors at home is meant to include not only those who are receiving some services and supports through various programs including In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) or other homecare funded services or through private insurance, but also those who are not receiving any services at home, making sure they are safe and connected. Because OSEC focuses on our caregivers in the home 24/7, I am asking for help in calling our own caregivers and volunteers.  If you would be able to make 2-3 calls a week for our OSEC “check in” calls, please email me and let me know:

If older adults and people with disabilities need service and supports including access to food and basic needs, Call 2-1-1 or visit

FREED programs that might be useful during this time include the Phone Reassurance and new Friendly Delivery Services.

Phone Reassurance Program

This program provides phone calls on a regular schedule to individuals who are isolated, would like someone to check on them or, would like to just talk to someone.  FREED coordinates a fantastic group of volunteers who make these calls. If you would like Phone Reassurance service contact Deirdre at (530) 477-3333, Ex. 201 or

Friendly Home Delivery Service

Gold Country Community Services, Nevada County Foodbank, Interfaith Food Ministries, 211, and FREED are partnering to identify seniors, people with disabilities, and individual’s with chronic health conditions who need support with home delivered groceries due to COVID-19 self-isolation or quarantine. Individuals can call 211 to get connected to food delivery service.

FREED is also working to coordinate home delivery of other essential items such as prescriptions, personal care items, or other health and safety related needs for seniors, people with disabilities, and individual’s with chronic health conditions who need support with home delivery due to COVID-19 self-isolation or quarantine. Individuals needing services can contact Dierdre at (530) 477-3333, Ex. 201 or

This program is designed to meet an un-met need for individuals who cannot otherwise access basic needs during this time. All other resources should be explored before making a referral such as if the person can order online or pay for delivery services already available.

Please contact 211 to sign-up for the
Senior Grocery Bag Program.

Volunteers will assist in delivering the
Senior Grocery Bag to your home.

BriarPatch Food Coop – Order Online and Pick Up at Store – Free

More info here:



The Food Bank of Nevada County continues its Thursday Drive-Thru Food Distribution event for ALL in need. Contingent upon County, State and Federal directives, these events will be held on future Thursdays at the same time and location until further notice. This event is open to ANYONE who needs food. This is not a food drive. It is a food “Distribution.” Please do not bring food to this event.

When | Thursdays
Time | 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Where | Grass Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church, 12889 Osborn Hill Rd., Grass Valley.

PROTOCOLS FOR VOLUNTEER RESPITE VISITS IN THE HOME It is imperative that the safety and wellbeing of the in-home family caregivers and loved ones be considered before any in-home visit is scheduled. The One Source-Empowering Caregiver respite volunteers must be diligent and considerate in protecting themselves as well. 

When planning and scheduling an in home respite visit, the following are protocols which should be vigilantly observed. All local and CDC guidelines should be maintained. 


BEFORE ENTERING THE HOME: WASH YOUR HANDS OR USE HAND SANITIZER and WEAR A MASK Masks are in the office to be used for every in-home visit. Put the mask on before entering the home and upon exiting take it off. In-home family caregivers and loved ones are to be encouraged to also wear masks during the visit. It is however, their choice and conditions may vary with each caregiver and each visit. When completing the visit, use hand sanitizer again. 

MAINTAIN 6′ DISTANCE Social distancing is actually researched as more critically important than masks in maintaining health and in preventing the spread of the virus. Discuss with the in-home caregiver and loved ones relating to this activity. A 6’ distance can be arranged for with seating. 

BE OUTSIDE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE Studies have shown the COVID-19 virus half-life is much shorter outside, especially when it is 75 degrees or above. Vitamin D is essential for immune system building as well. Getting outside for walks or in the wheelchair is a win-win. 

WEAR GLOVES-optional decision of respite volunteer and in-home caregiver Gloves are provided in the office. Same… on and off. Do NOT re-use them. Pull one