We provide a face-to-face assessment in the Caregiver’s home that is convenient for the Caregiver and their Loved one. Our specially trained Assessment Team will focus on the needs and strengths of each individual involved in the care giving environment. This gives the Caregiver and their loved one the opportunity to get to know and understand our services better and decide whether it is an appropriate fit.

This is a time for the Caregiver to share and be forthright about any needs or limitations of their Loved Ones.  Even if you may feel that your Loved One is challenging to deal with, there are Volunteer Care Specialists who may be able to be very helpful and enhance the daily lives of Caregivers and their Loved Ones.

Our team will provide a specific companionship plan of care and any outside referral recommendations. We will also offer our recommendations for the Volunteer Care Specialist that will complement and satisfy your individual needs.

If at any time, you have concerns about your Volunteer Care Specialist, we can arrange for a replacement who may better meet your needs.

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Re-assessment evaluations are arranged quarterly with the Caregiver and Loved One  at your convenience.

Our Assessment Team will identify and address any unmet needs of the Caregiver or Loved One and make the appropriate referrals to our community partners.

  1. Assessment/Evaluations
  2. Identify Needs
  3. Address Needs
  4. Customized Companionship Care Plan
  5. Recommendations/Referrals
  6. Carefully Selected Volunteer Care Specialist