One Source -Empowering Caregivers has been actively involved in supporting in-home caregivers in Nevada County since 2015. Recognizing the uniqueness of the role as 24/7 caregivers, in-home caregivers tirelessly and faithfully keep their frail loved one at home, safe and surrounded by the life of loving family and friends. There is no one more generous than a caregiver.

One Source-Empowering Caregivers is participating the GLOBAL DAY OF GIVING. This movement unleashes the power of world generosity and reimagines the gift of shared humanity. The common mission of Giving Tuesday is to build a world where generosity is part of everyday life. Everyone has something to give; every act of generosity counts.

One Source-Empowering Caregivers has a new secure donation platform…GIVE LIVELY.
Please make your donation by texting OSEC to 44321. This platform may be used at anytime for donation giving.

We believe that every in-home caregiver deserves to maintain their own health and wellbeing, while making their loved one smile and continue to stay at home.
We call this “THE PROMISE.”


Thank You!

  • Researchers say helping others can make you happier as you age.
  • They say that’s because this type of behavior helps release a mood-enhancing hormone known as oxytocin.
  • It was previously thought that this neurochemical was predominately released in younger people.
  • Experts say doing for others can involve charity work or even simply saying hello to people in stores, elevators, and other public places.


Happy New Year! Ten Caregiver Wishes for 2022

Gary Barg, Editor-in-Chief

  1. Wishing for kinder and gentler days
  2. Wishing for understanding of our caregiver ways
  3. Wishing for support to arrive at our doors
  4. Wishing for respect for our caregiving chores
  5. Wishing for caregivers to not be neglected
  6. Wishing for caregivers to be more respected
  7. Wishing for us to care for ourselves as we care for our mother, father and son
  8. Wishing for the day we accept that self-care is always Job One
  9. Wishing for the support you so very much deserve
  10. Wishing for these wishes to come true for each and every caregiver – especially yours

One Source - Empowering Caregivers - Logo


One Source –Empowering Caregivers was founded in December 2014 in Grass Valley, California.  Founder Donna Raibley, a Caregiver in her own community, was aware that Caregivers were in need of hope and support, while they tirelessly cared for their Loved Ones at home.



Our Mission

The Mission of One Source – Empowering Caregivers is to improve quality of life for Caregivers and their loved ones by providing cost-free, non-medical support while they remain at home in a safe and healthy environment.

Our Vision

At One Source – Empowering Caregivers we envision Caregivers and their loved ones receiving cost free respite care while they remain at home.



Caregivers are our number one priority
Aim to serve caregivers and their families
Reliable and professionally trained individuals
Efficiency, punctuality, compatibility and values
Guarding all relevant information
Integrity, compassion, and honesty
Valuing the caregiver and their loved ones
Excellent service
Respect for the caregivers and their loved ones
Shared purpose and values are important to us