Is the CalGrows Program for You?

CalGrows is a program for unlicensed caregivers who:

  • Live and provide care in California
  • Work in a home- or community-based setting
  • Are a paid caregiver or provide unpaid care to friends or family

Unpaid family and friend caregivers are eligible for courses and coaching, but not incentives.

*Examples of home- and community-based setting includes Adult Day Care, AIDS Waiver, Assisted Living Waiver, Caregiver Resource Centers, Community-Based Adult Services, Home- and Community-Based Alternatives Waiver, Multipurpose Senior Services Program, Program for All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE), Other

**Example of eligible paid caregivers include Home Care Aides, Care Coordinators or Care Managers, Dementia Care Specialists, Care Coordinators, Transportation Providers, Community Health Workers, non-IHSS affiliated/personal care assistants, and other unlicensed care workers

Who is not eligible for CalGrows?

CalGrows is not intended for caregivers who:

  • Work only in institutional settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, health care settings
  • Are licensed (such as an RNs or LVNs) or certified as an HHA
  • Are an IHSS provider who has participated in the Career Pathways program and/or does not hold another paid caregiving position.

If you aren’t sure if you qualify, call us at (844) 769-9119 or use this form.