Message from Executive Director – Apr 2020
April 9, 2020 OSEC Staff
A Message from the Executive Director

Dearest Caregivers,Volunteers, and OSEC Friends and Supporters,

The world as we know it is changing from week to week. As you and your loved ones are adjusting to the changes, I’d like to thank you for making the adjustments needed to allow for Volunteer “Check in” calls, HOLDING FOR NOW on all in home visits with the Shelter in Place order.

The consequences of COVID-19 on our organization have been diverse and multifaceted. Some of the immediate impacts include cancellation of our volunteer training, inability to make in home assessment visits, loss of revenue due to the cancelled fundraiser, decrease in the number of volunteer activities in the office, the need to modify the budget for existing expenses, and difficulty getting essential information related to community services to all of our caregivers.

Despite these hardships, OSEC is responding in various ways in order to maintain caregiver support. We have mobilized our volunteers into a telephone “check in” program as recommended by Governor Gavin Newsom; to demonstrate a new way to deliver on our mission of improving the quality of life for caregivers.  If you are a caregiver please realize that the country is experiencing the day to day isolation that you have experienced as a caregiver-lose of independence, loss of socialization and looking for the hope to see the end soon.  Our OSEC volunteers have initiated this telephone outreach work already.

Here is what we are doing:

  • Implementing new communication methods such as telephone answering service at the office (checked regular), a new section on our website with COVID-19 resources for caregivers, and texting when agreed upon for caregivers and volunteers to access service information.
  • The special 7 session program “The Caregiver Advantage” is being supported through email contacts.
  •  The Board of Directors routine meetings are being held and have moved to online conferencing.
  • Our volunteer interactive application is in the process of being available on line.
What Can You Do?

In Home caregivers still need you to support the them. Although we need to be physically distancing, it is also the time to put effort into strengthening and supporting our community resources.

  1. We call on you to help reach those in need. Take a minute to safely check in with your friends and neighbors. Ask how they’re doing. Share resources. If you suspect someone is in need of our services, give them our number or web address, yourself. We are here and will get back to each person who calls in:  530-205-9514 or
  2. Find ways to build community  One of our caregivers is sewing face masks for the County Outreach Nurses; support local businesses, or volunteer on line for our next training and offer your skills.

In gratitude and warmest regards,
Carolyn M Seyler, RN MS

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