As a consultant for this program, I was impressed by the scope of the training and the caliber of volunteers. I would not hesitate to use this service if I were a full-time caregiver; everyone involved is very committed to providing a quality service, free of charge. A few hours of respite a week can be a lifesaver for caregivers.

Diane Miesller - Board Member


I give OSEC’s first training session an A+!   In our classes, we  received excellent caregiver information provided by some of the most  well-seasoned health and welfare professionals in the area;  they were all   warm, compassionate, and fun.

Impressionistically, I felt a bright light from everyone in our training room  –  from  the instructors and the student Volunteer Care Givers.  This new organization has the potential to give to the greater good of the community,  and I am most proud to be associated  with OSEC and its mission.

Anne Green - Volunteer Care Specialist.

November 13, 2017



Thank you Donna Raibley for organizing One Source – Empowering Caregivers. We really appreciate the service that you provide. Without our volunteer, we would be unable to leave the house together. We look forward to Sandi Lefcovick’s arrival every week. My mother-in-law enjoys the companionship and quality time that our volunteer provides. When we arrive back home, our mother tells us how nice the volunteer is.


Ruth and Norm Koeckritz

Grass Valley, CA

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September 8, 2017



My Story: I moved my mom in with my husband and myself sixteen years ago. She was having difficulty managing for herself at the age of 76, in the four years since my dad passed away. As it turns out the doctor diagnosed Alzheimer’s. It’s been in the last three to four years that we know one of us would always have to be home with her or bring her with us. This last year her disabilities meant that we could no longer bring her along, so that my husband and I could not go anywhere together. Hiring trusted caregiving for mom was not affordable. Along came OSEC: Now, thanks to OSEC a wonderful, reliable lady named Sue, comes to our home to sit with mom, while my husband and I have a date night. I did not even realize how special that would be for us, but it has given us, as a couple, a feeling of normalcy in a very limiting – stuck at home situation.

Sue is warm and friendly, and so understanding of this type of demanding caregiving. Her sense of humor helps lighten the load.

I thank God for OSEC and their sacrifice helps lighten my load and my life.

With Gratitude,

Sharon Kreiss for Mary Ballard

Nevada City, CA

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November 8, 2017




l am writing to let you know how much I value the services you are providing for my wife, Audrey Reimer and I. It is so important for people to have the support of their community when their loved one is living with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Being fairly new to this area we needed to find out who was available to help in some care giving for us, and, with our daughters’ help, we are grateful to have found your agency.

Anne Green comes to our home on Wednesday’s to help assist Audrey with her morning routine, as this is a difficult time for her. I have been so impressed with Anne’s willingness to do many different activities with Audrey to help keep her mind and body more active. For example, she does puzzles and word books with her, and encourages her to walk outside to have some exercise.

Anne is also a huge asset to me personally, as it gives me some free time to do my shopping or yard work while Audrey is being cared for. l am thankful for some alone time to take a break from the situation. I know we both benefit from this time.

I would highly recommend this service to anyone who needs this type of care, and will be happy to refer people to you in the future.

With Gratitude,

Bob and Audrey Reimer

Nevada City, CA

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June 8, 2017




I sometimes have trouble expressing my feelings on paper, but I will do my best. I am writing to tell you how much One Source means to me.

My husband Bill was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2007. At that time he lived alone in Mesa , Arizona. Bill and I are actually legally separated and have been since 1984. But since we had always kept in touch with each other I began to notice that he was having problems. So I was able to persuade him to move here to Grass Valley and stay with me. He has progressively  deteriorated and became more of a problem. Our children do not live close enough to us to help out on a regular basis . I gave up many of my activities to keep an eye on him. I was finally able to get some help from the VA. They gave me 8 hours a month in 4 hour increments but I had to pay a co pay of $15.00 for each visit. While this wasn’t a total hardship it wasn’t always easy to come up with.

I read about One Source in the Union and looked forward to it becoming a reality. As it soon did. I signed up immediately and was interviewed by you as well as two lovely nurses.. I felt so welcomed . Bill was not to thrilled to have a stranger come into our home and his rejoinder was that he didn’t need a “babysitter“. However he is very unsteady on his feet and naturally doesn’t always use his best judgment before doing something so it as indeed a life saver for me.

I first used One Source in March of 2017 when I went into the hospital for knee surgery. The lovely lady that was sent to us is Sue Flynn and to my amazement I realized that I knew her from working at the fairgrounds. What a pleasant surprise. So she and Bill got acquainted and when I got home from the hospital he was happy because as it turns out, Sue had been a Seabee some years ago and since Bill had been in the navy he felt right at home with her. Now when I leave him he asks if “the Sailor ” is going to sit with him.

I really don’t know what I would do without this wonderful service. It is so nice to go somewhere and know that he is well cared for. Although I have many friends here in the Grass Valley, I have none who can sit with him with any kind of regularity. I am in a Support Group for Alhzheimers caregivers so I always let new people to the group know of this wonderful service provided to the many caregivers in Nevada County. I also have attended some classes given by Dignity Hospital for caregivers and again I talk up
One Source. Thank you for caring so much for we caregivers who sometimes have a very difficult time caring for our loved ones. You have indeed provided a well needed service and you are very much appreciated.
Diane A Davis

Grass Valley, CA

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