17 Oct
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Goods to Lake County to Support Fire Victims

We had many items left after our yard sale, so with our board & donor approval we decided to transport many of the remaining items to Lake County to help the displaced fire victims. After packing most of the household items, clothing, blankets, towels, sleeping bags and some small kitchen appliances in donated plastic bins, we were able to label each of the containers with the logos and individual names of the donors who donated for our yard sale.

Thanks to Robert Raibley, Stephen Dowling & Toni Spencer for the majority of donated plastic bins. Thanks to Melissa Adams, Katherine Walden, Laura Grout and Robert Raibley for assisting in helping with the packing process.

Laura Grout with the help of Nevada County Contractors Association, was able to send out a letter asking for help with transport.  David Yonenaka, owner of Fine Line Joinery, happily responded and agreed to transport the items with his truck and trailer.

Thursday, October 15, 2015, Dave, along with his daughter Alyssa and son Kiyo, came to load up the transport items.  Donna & Robert Raibley, Dave, Alyssa & Kiyo Yonenaka were able to get the truck and trailer loaded and ready to transport in less than an hour.

On Friday, October 16, 2015, Donna Raibley and Dave Yonenaka set out at 6:30 A.M. to Lake County, to meet up with  Seth Cantu (Adventist Community Services volunteer and site manager).   The items were delivered to a local Lakeport Warehouse, designated as a holding place until they are ready for distribution.  As we arrived the Conservation Corp. from Ukiah were ready with pallets, and manual forklifts to move all of the items for us.

The warehouse was very large and filled with donations from all over the state. It was amazing to see the amount of support that they have received in such a short amount of time.  As each delivery is made, they sort through and take out items that are stained, torn or unusable and put in one area. Then they proceed with sorting by size, gender, and so forth.  It was an organized effort and we felt so grateful to be a part of it.

Thanks to YOU, all of the donors who made this possible –

Bob & Donna Raibley, Rusty & Laura Grout, Quincy & Melissa Adams, David & Lisa Johnson, Chad & Tamaran Cook, Katherine Walden, Patrick McCauley, Ken Tribby & Jeanette Baxter, Lee & Susan Ferrier, Jerry Cooper & Harriet Totten, Janai Carlson, Carla Bonetti, Debbie Kiva & Curt Smith, Dr. Virginia Osborne, Yvonne Dockter, PJ & Julie Lynch, Lynn Maas, Robyn & Garry Johnson, Julie Lehmann, Carole Siver, Dale Fleck & Phyllis Sanders, Michael McGowen, Julia Amaral & Mark Strate, Ed & Linda Hawkins, Suzanne Lujan, Jeannie Crawley, Linda L. Santos, Karin LaFollette, Cal & Debbie McKitrick, Janice Lukenbill, Rick & Jeree Waller, Scott, Alex & Julianne Lay, Don & Julie Leal, Judy Barlow, Tim & Lori Bascom, Rose Shulman, Linda Stanley, Becky Davis, Caryl Barnes, Karen Ramsey, Craig & Cindy Sauer, Adren Bradley, Melanie Fikse & Curtis Grout, Barbara Bashall, Stephen Dowling & Toni Spencer,  Kim Frazer (Mary Kay Sr. Sales Director), Dave Yonenaka ( Fine Line Joinery), Alyssa & Kiyo Yonenaka, Women of Worth, Country Copy Print Shop, Grass Valley Jazzercise, Grocery Outlet.


EC Staff